Free Home Evaluation

How To Find Free Home Evaluation Websites

Evaluating the value of your home is not very hard to accomplish. You could contact a home appraisal professional to do this, or you could accomplish this on your own. With just a few figures, you should be able to get a very accurate number that will represent how much it should sell for. Sometimes people do this just to know how much their house is worth in today’s market. Other people do this because they are thinking about listing it with a real estate agent. To find websites that offer free home evaluation, these tips will lead you to the right ones.

How Do These Home Evaluation Websites Work?

They are only going to request a small amount of information that you can easily gather by yourself. You need to know the square footage of your home which can be determined by doing measurements of every room. You simply multiply the length and width of each room that you have and then add all of those numbers together. It will take about 30 minutes with a regular sized home, and will require at least one other person to hold the tape measure. Another number that you need to have is the number of rooms, specifically the bedrooms and bathrooms. Finally, if you do know the lot size, this can be helpful. You will not have to know anything about comps in the area of four properties that have recently sold that are similar to yours. If you are doing this on a real estate website, they will have that information automatically integrated into their mathematical formula.

Free Home Evaluation

Where To Find The Best Home Evaluation Websites

The best ones tend to be those that are either managed by real estate companies or brokers. If you can find a mortgage brokerage a website, it is likely they have one available. If you are listing this with a national realtor, or even a local one, they may have one of these calculators on their website. By entering in all of the information that you have gathered, you can get your results within a few minutes. It is simply going to tell you what the value of the home is in today’s market, a number that will also represent how much you could sell it for. As mentioned earlier, if this is done through a real estate website, they will likely integrate all of the comps that they have for properties sold through their company to give you a very accurate number.

This information can be very useful in making your decision to sell or keep your home. Some people rent their homes out, whereas others are going to try to sell them in order to cash in on their investment. Regardless of your choice, you will have no problem at all finding one of these free home evaluation websites that can give you this information. Your only job is to get the square footage, and enter in the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you have, to get the most current evaluation.