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Choosing Bob Marx Top SEO Expert – Understand The Basics First

There’s a reason why so many people are questioning the legitimacy of SEO practices. And it is because there are too many “experts” out there, trying to sound smart when they should be doing is thinking smart. They promise their clients the highest returns on their investments, only to lose all the money with nothing to show for it. But this doesn’t happen when you go with experts like Bob Marx | Top 20 SEO in the World on Google. Instead of empty promises, you get realistic results.

Newbies Are Vulnerable

So many people are starting their own sites and blogs, and this is amazing. But it also opens a market for people to get exploited, especially by individuals who claim to be search engine optimization experts. And they are usually easy to spot as well.

As mentioned earlier, they will promise you the stars and all Jupiter’s moons if you just pay them. Then, you end up believing SEO is for the new guy starting his site tomorrow because you didn’t see squat from your investment.

The Reality Of The Situation

If you want to hire a professional like Bob Marx Top SEO expert, you should familiarize yourself with the basics. Do yourself a favor and get to know the system a little better, then it will be easier to hire somebody that actually have experience.

Bob Marx | Top 20 SEO in the World on Google

For example, search engines use algorithms to sort through websites relevant to the search term. These algorithms change on a regular basis, mainly to better support user experience. And if you want to reach the first pages, you need to follow the rules of those algorithms.

There is also the element of time involved. More specifically, how much time do you have to spend on SEO? If you follow a strict routine of posting quality content with strong keywords regularly, while tweaking the site in terms of things like loading speed, navigation, and responsiveness, you are still looking at two or three months.

This is because search engines have to index the site first, and at the same time, it is being bombarded with thousands of new sites. It is only logical that seeing the results of SEO is going to take time, and there are never any guarantees.

Of course, even with a basic SEO campaign, you’ll see a significant spike in your ranking. But there are never any guarantees that you’ll reach the first page. So, if an “expert” is quick to promise you a first-page ranking within a day or two, take your money and run.

And even if they are able to achieve this feat, it’s definitely not going to last. Search engines are quick to pick up when someone is fooling with the system, which means penalties follow.

Make The Right Choice

Just learn the basics and understand what an expert needs to be doing. That’s when you’ll meet up with the right SEO expert for your site and you know what they are talking about.